Retención de líquidos y circulación



Pressotherapy is a treatment technique that consists of applying pressure to certain tissues, which causes an action similar to a massage, and this massage is useful for improving lymphatic drainage and venous circulation. This technique is used to treat fluid retention problems, circulatory problems, feeling of tired legs, reduce cellulite and contributes to the absorption of toxins into the bloodstream and to be able to discard liquids and fats through our lymphatic drainage. Price per session €25

Firming – flaccidity

SORISA vacuum therapy

Vacuum therapy is a technique indicated for anyone who wants to improve lymphatic and venous circulation, it helps us reduce cellulite and firm the skin. It is practiced by massaging the area to be treated, thanks to the application of a soft suction. With this, it is possible to reaffirm the skin, activate blood circulation, improving cellulite. It acts on the adipose tissue causing its mobilization to the lymphatic system. Price per session €45

Fluid retention and circulation

Cold bandages

It is a firming and relieving leg treatment that uses cryotherapy, a highly refreshing menthol gel that generates a local sensation of cold and decongests tired legs, comforting swollen ankles throughout the day, firms the skin and reduces cellulite, among other things. Benefits. Price per session €45