Contorno de ojos

¿Para quién esta enfocado el tratamiento?

This treatment is focused on people with an expression of tired eyes, with dehydration around the eyes for which the expression lines are more marked, who have bags and dark circles.


Contorno de ojos

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5 Sesiones



¿En qué consiste el tratamiento?

For the treatment of the eye contour, depending on the skin, we use the Dermapen technique with Nano needles or virtual Mesotherapy with electroporation, through which we incorporate active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Vitamin complex, ideal for deeply hydrating and reaffirming the fur. Then we will apply a mask and eye contour cream. A deep hydration that will favor the reduction of expression lines.

Beneficios del tratamiento

    • Lymphatic drainage in the case of bags.
    • Reduction of bags and dark circles.
    • We will improve the expression of tired eyes.
    • Deep hydration.
    • Antiaging treatment.
    • Decongestant treatment.

¿Cuántas sesiones se deben realizar?

It is advisable to carry out this treatment once every 10 days for 5 sessions and then a monthly maintenance.