Manchas - Despigmentante

¿Para quién está indicado el tratamiento despigmentante?

It is something that worries women and men more and more, they try to hide it with makeup and they feel uncomfortable, everyone is looking for a solution to the issue. This treatment is a procedure used to lighten the skin and remove spots caused by the sun.

This skin problem or hyperpigmentation is located mainly on the face and hands. This pigmentation can appear due to genetic, hormonal causes and it is very normal that it is produced by spending time in the sun for years without proper protection and care, they are called solar dyschromias.


Manchas - Despigmentante

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5 Sesiones



¿En qué consiste?

Depending on each person, we can apply different techniques such as a superficial or medium Peeling, Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion, Mesotherapy that will help us incorporate depigmenting products and the use of phototherapy with the Led Light Mask.

Depending on the need for the treatment, we can alternate the sessions with another laser, causing cell renewal to improve the scars.

The active ingredients that we use for this treatment achieve the degradation of existing stains, achieving their progressive disappearance and preventing their reappearance.

The use of depigmenting cream at home is recommended.

¿Qué resultados se logran?

    • lighten the skin
    • Fade stains
    • Homogenize skin tone

¿Cuántas sesiones se deben realizar?

It is recommended to do a weekly session for 5 weeks, depending on the state of the skin and its evolution, more sessions should be done or not, or the time between them should be prolonged. After finishing the treatment we will do a monthly maintenance.