Deep cleaning


Deep skin cleansing

For whom is deep hygiene indicated?

Facial hygiene or skin cleansing is indicated for all skin types, it is important to carry out a deep hygiene at each change of season, according to the needs of each skin, in this way we not only maintain a good appearance of the skin but also prevent the appearance of spots, scars caused by comedones and activate skin microcirculation.

It is a treatment that seeks to improve the health and appearance of facial skin. It allows us to eliminate comedones, blackheads and impurities that accumulate day by day and make the skin lose vitality, freshness and luminosity.


Deep skin cleansing

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What is a deep cleaning?

It is a treatment in which we will use, depending on the type of skin, the technique of microdermabrasion with a diamond tip, an ultrasound palette and we will perform manual extraction if necessary.

What results are achieved?

    • Remove dead skin tissue
    • Oxygenate the skin
    • Remove blackheads and comedones
    • improve tone
    • Stimulate cell renewal, giving it luminosity and hydration
    • Greater absorption power of creams and moisturizing and nourishing products
    • Improve the appearance of a tired face and expression lines
    • Nourish and hydrate the skin, recovering the softness and luminosity of a young face.

How many sessions should be done?

It is recommended to perform one every month or two months as necessary.