About us?

Our center has been present since 2013, caring for and pampering each of our clients.

Our history

Vive Estética is a company whose beginnings date back to 2013 and whose philosophy resides in dedication, service and the study developed of new aesthetic treatments and medical-aesthetic equipment. In order to care for and improve this philosophy, Vive Estética begins a new phase in a new, cozy and bright place, at Avenida Comte de Sallent 29, mezzanine A.


Our main objective is to optimize treatments in a personalized way based on experience and continuous recycling in new techniques and appliances that help us to do so. We work with prestigious brands such as SORISA-INDIBA, MESOESTETIC AND QUIRUMED.

Our team

In continuous training on new technologies in machines and aesthetic medical treatments trend.

Isabel Otero

Certified esthetician with years of experience

To provide the client with cutting-edge care, I am constantly training on the different techniques and appliances offered by the market, thus seeking to optimize and perfect body and facial treatments so that the client obtains more efficient and precise results. I characterize myself as a person who offers personalized and cordial treatment. Laser hair removal technique.

Patricia Mayans

Esthetician, Nail Technician, Pharmacy Technician

I receive continuous training to provide clients with excellent care. I am constantly searching for the best treatments and work protocols. Manicure technician. Pharmacy Technician