Cold bandages


Cold bandages

What are cold bandages?

Cold bandages are a natural decongestant treatment that takes advantage of our body’s metabolism to reaffirm the skin and lift areas such as the buttocks and improve cellulite.

They are a good option to treat inflammation as they speed up circulation by improving venous flow and the lymphatic system.


Cold bandages

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How does it work?

Cold wraps provide an immediate feeling of relief while combating swelling and fatigue. They also stand out for their ability to reduce cellulite, due to the stimulation that the cold effect and natural active ingredients produce on the metabolism, accelerating the fat burning process.

The procedure consists of wrapping the areas to be treated, such as the abdomen, legs and arms, with a bandage impregnated with a liquid made up of seaweed, menthol and other active ingredients.

This system causes a drop in temperature in the body, so that it is possible to accelerate the metabolism and cause more calories to be consumed, for this our body obtains it from our accumulated fat.

What results are achieved?

    • reduce fat
    • Improves circulation
    • Provides a feeling of rest and light legs
    • Reduces cellulite, fights orange peel skin and flaccidity


How many sessions should be done?

As a treatment, it is advisable to carry out two to three weekly sessions with an interval of one day between sessions and not less than 10.