Virtual facial mesotherapy


Virtual facial mesotherapy

What is Virtual Facial Mesotherapy?

It is a technique that uses electroporation, through which we incorporate active ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, vitamins, etc. into the skin painlessly, safely and without needles.

Over the years, the amount of Collagen and Elastin is synthesized to a lesser degree, which causes loss of elasticity, the appearance of wrinkles, sagging and lack of luminosity of the skin. With its incorporation we manage to fill in wrinkles, improve tone and cause luminosity and smoothness in the skin.


Virtual Facial Mesotherapy

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What does the Virtual Mesotherapy treatment consist of?

It consists of incorporating active ingredients into the skin by electroporation. To do this, a low-intensity current is used that increases the permeability of the skin, opening the pores and facilitating the penetration of the active ingredients applied on the surface to the middle dermis.

What results are achieved?

    • fill in wrinkles
    • Hydrates in depth.
    • Regenerates the skin.
    • Depending on the treatment approach: improves acne, couperose, scars.
    • Excellent antiaging treatment.
    • We balance the skin and give it volume .

How many sessions should be done?

As a treatment, a weekly session is carried out for 5 weeks and then a maintenance once a month.