INDIBA body radiofrequency


body radiofrequency

What is body radiofrequency?

INDIBA technology is the most popular and powerful radiofrequency treatment on the market today to reduce volume and eliminate cellulite while firming and tightening the skin. INDIBA works with 448 kHz power, which is the key to making it the most effective radiofrequency.


body radiofrequency

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How does it work?

INDIBA technology, based on medical studies, described the proionic system as the only system that stimulates intra and extracellular ion exchange, restoring the electrical activity of cells and regenerating them.


In this way we achieve improve cellulite, tighten the skin and reduce body volume. These devices work in deeper tissues than the superficial devices of current diathermy therapies (Radiofrequency). High-frequency electromagnetic energy is transferred through the body’s tissues, creating tissue-selective hyperthermia, breaking down the body’s fat cells, so as to lose weight, improve cellulite and firm skin. You can work the abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks, knees and other parts of the body such as the hands.

What results are achieved?

    • Volume loss.
    • Localized fat removal.
    • Firming of the skin.
    • Improve cellulite.
    • Improve scars.
    • Rejuvenates hands.

How many sessions should be done?

In body sessions you can do 2 or 3 times a week depending on the area to be treated and maintenance every 15 days or a month.