Deep Cleaning + Virtual Mesotherapy Treatment


Deep Cleaning + Treatment with Virtual Mesotherapy

What does the treatment consist of?

We carry out a deep cleaning in which we will use, depending on the type of skin, the Microdermabrasion technique with a diamond tip, an Ultrasonic palette and we will perform manual extraction if necessary. Once the cleaning is finished, we use virtual Mesotherapy to incorporate active ingredients such as: hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin and vitamins to achieve a final anti-aging and ultra-hydrating treatment. Also depending on the type of skin to be treated, we will use ampoules for acne, couperose and flaccidity.


Deep Cleaning + Treatment with Virtual Mesotherapy

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What results are achieved?

    • Remove dead skin tissue
    • Oxygenate the skin
    • Remove blackheads and comedones
    • improve tone
    • Stimulate cell renewal, giving it luminosity and hydration
    • Greater absorption power of creams and moisturizing and nourishing products
    • Improve the appearance of a tired face and expression lines
    • Nourish and hydrate the skin, recovering the softness and luminosity of a young face.
    • antiaging treatment

How many sessions should be done?

As a treatment, a weekly session is carried out for 5 weeks and then a maintenance once a month.