Acné y cicatrices

¿Para quién esta indicado el tratamiento?

Acne is a common skin lesion that normally appears in adolescence, alterations in the sebaceous glands occur, this occurs due to an increase in the production of hormones that stimulate the production of fat and clog the pores, causing blackheads or pimples. It is rare that it can mean a serious health problem, but it is true that it negatively affects the person’s image and self-esteem.

The appearance of acne can be due to multiple factors: Hormonal disorders, Genetic inheritance, External agents, Frequent friction in the area, Skin conditions, Poor diet, Emotional factors.

Acne is usually accompanied by scars and blemishes.


Acné y cicatrices

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¿En qué consiste?

Our treatment seeks to cleanse the skin of undesirable comedones, remove dead tissue, and regenerate the skin. We use different techniques depending on the state of it.

We use a Bio Enzymatic Peeling, Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion, Ultrasound Palette, Virtual Mesotherapy, Phototherapy with the application of products with active ingredients for the cosmetic treatment of acne. We alternate the treatment with Pulsed Light for the elimination of the spots of the inflammatory lesion and the scars. Always taking into account the state of the skin, and if the person is undergoing medical treatment, we will take it into account to know if they can do ours in parallel..

¿Qué resultados se logran?

    • Improve skin quality.
    • Control the proliferation of comedones.
    • Improve blemishes and scars.
    • close pores

¿Cuántas sesiones se deben realizar?

It is recommended to do a weekly session for 5 weeks, depending on the condition of the skin and its evolution, more sessions should be done or not. After finishing the treatment we will do a maintenance.




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