Radiofrecuencia facial

¿En qué consiste el tratamiento?

Radiofrequency is the reference technology in aesthetics and aesthetic medicine when the objective is to correct flaccidity and tighten the tissue in the face and neck.

With a unique ability to reinforce the internal network of elastic fibers, today RF energy doubles and even triples its effectiveness through advanced equipment that takes it beyond the subcutaneous tissue, leading it to the superficial dermis, and multiplying its benefits. It is a simple and non-invasive technique.


Radiofrecuencia facial SORISA

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5 Sesiones



¿Cómo funciona?

It causes a thermal effect that raises the temperature of the dermis, thus stimulating collagen production, causing its fibers to shorten, contract and reproduce. We manage to combat the signs of aging and give a more vital appearance to the skin.

¿Qué resultados se logran?

    • Corrects sagging.
    • Tense the tissue of the face and neck.
    • Improves expression lines.
    • Softer and smoother skin

¿Cuántas sesiones se deben realizar?

As a treatment, 5 sessions are carried out, one per week and according to the needs of the skin. After the treatment is finished, we will go on to maintenance once a month.